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Umbraco CMS for Web Hosting

There are different types of content management systems available these days but it pays to choose the most functional and reliable of all. Umbraco CMS meets all these standards. Umbraco is one of the simplest, friendliest and most flexible ASP.NET Content Management Systems today. In fact, over 350,000 websites trust Umbraco CMS.

For the very first time in Microsoft platform, there’s a developer and user friendly CMS which makes it easy and quick to create sites or makes it easy to build even complex web applications. Umbraco hosting is highly recognized for its award-winning integration capabilities and supports the ASP.NET MVC or web forms including custom and user controls out of the box. Umbraco hosting is the dream of every developer and users will surely love this too.

Why Umbraco Hosting?

Umbraco CMS is highly preferred open-source content management system platform for effectively publishing contents in the worldwide web. This was exclusively developed by Niels Hartvig in 2000 and officially released as open source content management system software in 2004. Umbraco is included in the top 5 most famous downloads through Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

There are many good reasons to choose Umbraco hosting over the others. Umbraco CMS is a fully featured CMS with the outstanding flexibility to run anything starting from small brochure sites or campaigns up to the most complex applications for various Fortune 500s and some of the biggest media sites worldwide.

Other good reasons that will surely convince you to choose Umbraco hosting are as follows:

Easy to Use and Learn

This feature makes this CMS perfect for web developers, designers and content creators as well. With Umbraco CMS, users can be up and running in just short minutes with the aid of simple installer. Apply either one of the starter kits included or integrate your exclusive design seamlessly.

Strongly Supported by Welcoming and Active Community of Users

Umbraco CMS is strongly supported by welcoming and active community of users and backed by rock solid commercial organizations delivering reliable tools and professional support. Umbraco hosting can be utilized in its open source and free format with additional options of professional support and tools if required.

Powerful and Easy to Use

With customizable and easy editing as well as reliable tools for content creation, Umbraco hosting helps to maintain and manage sites with ease and the way individuals want it. Umbraco hosting does not really dictate how users should work for things should really be up to you and not your CMS.

Technical Supports

 With Umbraco hosting, support is completely paramount. Professional support is offered despite of the options that individuals choose.  From their dedicated main support team up to their helpful and friendly community, Umbraco hosting got you covered.

Today, Umbraco hosting is one of the famous .net open source content management systems. This CMS’s downloads have grown a hundred percent in the last 6 months with more than 7,500 downloads taking place per week. With all the amazing given features above, there is no doubt that Umbraco hosting will be chosen and utilized by increased numbers of individuals all over the world.

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