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HostGator Vs. WinHost Windows Hosting Comparison

HostGator Vs. WinHost Windows Hosting Comparison

HostGator is definitely one of the more well known name in terms of web hosting provider but how would it’s value stack up against WinHost? Read on.


Web Hosting Providers are competing and that is a well known fact in the industry. Pricing is definitely one that could not be ignored and are still deemed as the main factor in choosing a web hosting provider.

Winhost provides user the choice of 3 different plans, the basic, max and ultimate plan, priced respectively at $3.95/mo, $7.95/mo and $15.95/mo for a 2 year subscription. There will no web hosting setup fee from the provider and they would bundle in a 30 days money back guarantee for those who are not happy with what they have paid for.

HostGator, on the other hand only provides 2 different plans, personal and enterprise plan which goes at $4.76/mo and $14.36/mo for a three year subscription.

Over here, we can see that the price are very close between the two providers, therefore a good unit of measurement would be with the features that they provide.

Hosting Features

The first obvious difference in both hosting is that HostGator provides Unlimited FTP accounts while WinHost, as per mentioned previously, does not come with such privilege. HostGators personal plan only allows one domain while its enterprise plan allows up to five domains. On the other hand , WinHost allows unlimited domain to be pointed to the hosting site, which speaks volumes especially for web agencies.

Another beautiful feature that HostGator has decided to throw in with its enterprise plan is a dedicated IP, which would be highly useful for company looking to privatize their websites.

The other basic functions that every hosting provider should have are readily available for both hosting services, giving both a very level ground when it comes to features comparison.

Technical Support

Technical support is something that every web hosting provider needs. Quality is evaluated by how fast a customers enquiries can be answered and how soon their problem can be solved. Both hosting provider provides 24/7 technical support all year round through phone, email and live chat online as well.

Moneyback Guarantee

Being in such a competitive industry, customer confidence speaks volume. To  enhance a better customer experience and to create customer confidence, WinHost offers a 30 days no question ask money back guarantee policy for all of it’s subscription plans. HostGator on the other hand ups the game by 50% by offering 45 days no question asked money free subscription for it’s two Windows hosting plans.

Conclusion – Now it’s always hard choosing a suitable web hosting provider but this two that we just spoke of is definitely a good choice one way or the other. While HostGator are priced at a higher price point, it never fails to return with value and brand assurance. WinHost are breathing down the neck of it’s competitor by offering not only a lower price point but a trustable name in the competitive industry.

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