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Linux Vs Windows: Web Hosting Services

Linux Vs Windows: Web Hosting Services

Selection between Linux or Windows for your web hosting makes a huge difference in ultimate performance and functionality so it is more important to collect useful information before you make decision. There are lots of differences between both and the trade off goes on the basis of programming language, security and many more.


When we talk about Linux, this platform is more suitable for stability as well as security. If you know few popular programming languages such as MySQL, Perl and PHP etc. then it is much easier to customize most of open source programs that are usually available for free or at very low cost to all Linux users. Another useful feature is related to system security where Linux based platforms allows users to easily set password protect directories as well as permissions as per their need.


If we talk about Windows webhosting then we can say that it is one of the most popular and highly preferred operating systems throughout the world. Due to this wide popularity and familiarity of platform, one can see massive developments in terms of supportive applications. One more thing to note about Windows platform is that it offers complete support to ASP.NET programming language.

Factors for Comparison:

It is always good to pick a web host only after visualizing it’s all features as well as services instead of only checking that which operating system is running for web services because there is very small difference between both. But in case if your website needs some specific programming languages as per need of your programmer then it is good to check the system compatibility before you subscribe to a web host. Far above, if you are not aware of these technical details then it is good to allow web host to make changes and handle all troubles as per his preferences because after all these things the major attraction goes to content that you deliver not to the web servers, programming languages or Operating systems.

Some people will argue on the fact that Linux is better than Windows webhosting or in other case Windows as preferable over Linux but actually it is the matter of choice nothing else. Experts say that one must stay focused to services and features instead of type of operating system; how well your operating system fulfills your needs and supports your requirement makes the big difference. In simple terms we can say that the real decision about selection of web hosting package has nothing to do with type of your current system instead it is totally dependent on what your website demands. People who wish to setup their blog or wish to sell things using shopping carts, have least requirements from web host and for them it is much better to use Unix based hosts.


The bottom line is that if you are in need of some specific technologies like MSSQL, .NET or ASP for your website then it is much better to go ahead with Windows based web hosting package whereas if all these things rarely matters for your platform then you can access Unix Based solutions as like Linux. Windows webhosting service allows you to enjoy wide range of applications with interactive interface.

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