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Hosting with Latest IIS Version Support

Internet Information Services

IIS 7 is the newest version of Microsoft Web Internet Information Service Server in which the modular architecture lts provides a platform to develop and spread the dynamic web and sites. IIS 7 is designed to increase the security, speed and easier usage as well. There are many hosting providers that provide the newest IIS Version. However, which one is the best? Sometimes choosing the right hosting provider is not an easy thing. If you wanted to search a hosting with latest IIS Version support, is the right option. is specialize in hosting and also windows hosting. Besides that, it also provides the latest windows web hosting technology as soon as that technology was released by Microsoft. That is why; provides the latest IIS Version.

What is IIS Version?

Before knowing what provides in relation with IIS Version. IIS is a web server that is launched by Microsoft and it is used for windows server operation system that supports the TCP / IP. IIS can be used as a platform where a web application is running, by using ASP, ASP.NET , CGI, ISAPI, Microsoft .NET Framework, Jscript, VBScript and if you wanted to use PHP or perl, you will need a re-installation process again. For the complete information about IIS, you can visit Provides the Latest IIS Version with Latest ASP.NET Version

As we explained before that IIS Version can run by using the ASP. In addition, provides the latest IIS version that is named the IIS 7.5 for windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. For running this IIS Version, provides the latest ASP.NET Version, the latest ASP.NET MVC 5 Version and many others. Below are some reasons why you have to choose as your hosting:

  • com has 24/7 technical support that can be reached from the live chat and ticket support feature.
  • com is really well structured because it has the best location as is data centers such as in United States, UK, Australia, Europe and Singapore.
  • 30 days Money back guaranty feature. will give your money back if you were not satisfied with the services from
  • Free domain transfer.
  • It is rally easy and fast for upgrading and downgrading the hosting plan.
  • com has the best firewall and anti-virus for all servers.
  • Regular backup that will make your data is safer and you may not be worried with the security of your data.
  • There is a free file transfer
  • Affordable price and fast responds. has many sales representatives and may technical supports that are ready to help the customers with quick responds.
  • The activation of the hosting plan is almost less than a minute once the payment had already completed and verified.
  • There is free a script transfer.

Those are some features that are provided by With the latest IIS version and great supports, it is clear that can be the right option for hosting the latest IIS Version.

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