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ASP or the Active Server Page is a programming web application that is launched by Microsoft. At a web page there are two kinds of programs that run, browser like internet explorer, Mozila, Opera and many more that translate some HTML codes to make the display is better to watch. For handling an active and dynamic page, there is an interaction between machine and users. That is why; it is needed a supporter. For this job, there are some options that can be taken like ASP, PHP, Perl and Java.

For running ASP, we need server whether it is an internet server or hosting or server in our computer, IIS / Internet Information Service. Before making application, we have to install the IIS server first that can be found inside the CD, add or remove the windows component. For beginners there are 5 ASP CMS that are recommended. What are they? You can find out as follows.

1. WordPress

Nowadays, there are so many CMS that are available, but not all CMS are users friendly. Besides that, not all CMS are updated continuously to make the system better and add some features for making website. WordPress is a CMS that is getting popular for almost these 2 years. WordPress has a lot of users and many Developers are going crazy to develop this CMS. As a result, wordpress becomes the best CMS that is generally used by professional web designers and also by beginners.

2. Umbraco

Umbraco is an open source CMS that is users friendly. This ASP CMS is powerful and it can be suited with your needs. You can easily manage the content management system with Umbraco. With this CMS you can make simple and complex website easily because this CMS is compatible with a lot of browsers and it will possibly you to use Microsoft Words for editing. Then, Umbraco will give you full control of your website, web template and many more and even your website can be accessed by XHTML.

3. Kentico

Kentico is an enterprise CMS and Customer Experience Management System. It provides the complete features set for building website, community sites, intranets and e-commerce solutions on ASP.NET Microsoft Platform. This CMS supports marketing automation, mobile website, document management, SEO, and many more. This CMS ships with 400 configurable web parts, 70 modules and source code.

4. Sitefinity

This CMS is the next generation of web content that is used to create intranets, compelling websites, blogs and portals. Sitefinity is simple and easy to use that is perfect for beginners. It offers many enterprise features with easy online administration as well.

5. DotNetNuke/DNN

DotNetNuke is an open source CMS that is secure, extensible and scalable content. It is powered by more than 800,000 websites in this world. We can say that this CMS is one of the most popular open source CMS that is based on Microsoft.NET. Basically, DNN can be used to make modular, rich and highly interactive web applications and websites.

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