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How to Save Your Bandwidth on Your Hosting

Bandwidth is something important for your hosting. The truth is; your hosting can go too popular which causes it to be off. The use of several items inside your hosting will spend bandwidth as well. You can maximize the use of bandwidth to get the best perform at your hosting. Here are several tips on how to save bandwidth on your hosting.

Five Tips to Save your Bandwidth on Hosting

1. Avoid big pictures and tables inside

It is true that big size pictures, and also tables will consume bigger bandwidth. You may need a little help from other picture compressor, one of them is Photoshop. Compress the downloaded pictures to smaller size. The picture editor software usually has minimum size picture that can be easily uploaded to the internet.  You may choose the option “Save for Web and Devices” to easily get the smallest picture size on Photoshop. The other options are Paint and Windows Picture Manager. Both of them can resize your pictures instantly.

2. Compress HTML and CSS files

You have to think of how to compress HTML and CSS files to maximize the use of bandwidth in your website. In fact, both files can’t save your bandwidth due to the blanks and the use of breaks. To deal with HTML files, you can simplify them using GZip. There are many tutorials on the internet to help you doing this. CSS files will be simplified using several provided websites. You have to choose the best one to get the proper service.

3. Shortened the title, file names, locations and the number of words inside hosting website

The pictures title will consume much bandwidth. Consider shortening it will be a good idea. Use the most important word that can best describe the pictures. You can also shorten the files’ names and locations. Website hosting is a very serious thing which needs to be maintained well. It will be hard for you to arrange the pictures and files in provided locations, but the use of minimum bandwidth will tell you later. Many flattery words will consume the bandwidth. Try to use short articles but important and interesting for your readers.

4. Specify the visitors

Many visitors on your hosting page will make your websites famous. However, you have to know that many visitors can reduce your bandwidth. You can do many things to limit the visitors. Make your readers to be the people who work near you with the same interest to have a productive website.

5. Use other hosting sites

Once you want to use big size pictures or videos that will exactly consume your bandwidth, you can use other hosting sites and simply perform the links to provide the readers to go to the provided and connected websites. It is also important to not spread your websites to the internet trough search engines. You can maximize the searching by using webmaster tools which you can be easily found here and there on the internet. Webmaster tools will reduce the speed and your bandwidth.


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