Five Firewall Plugins for Your WordPress

Firewall plugin for your WordPress is needed to be a shield between incoming traffics and your website. This WAF or web application firewall is going to monitor the traffic on your site and block security threats to prevent them from reaching your site. You can use this security plugin to keep your site to be always secured. Five top firewall plugins for WordPress site will be mentioned as follows.

Use the Following Firewall Plugins to Protect Your Site

  1. Sucuri Security

Sucuri provides free plugin which is available on the repository of WordPress. It offers many security features such as auditing security activity, scanning, security hardening, blacklist monitoring, website firewall, and also monitoring file integrity. This security suite is developed with the purpose to complement your security posture which already exists. It is going to track all activities in your site. The activity includes when a change is made or when you log in to the site. Thus, you can review your activity logs right away when there is a security breach.

  1. Cloudfare

Cloudfare is well known for its free service of CDN that includes the basic protection of DDoS. However, this does not include the website app firewall. So, for website app firewall, you should firstly signup for Pro plan. In Cloudfare, your traffic will be going through Cloudfare network which in result will improve your website performance as well as reduce downtime if there is unusual high traffic. Aside from its pros in caching, larger server network, and CDN, Cloudfare has its downside too. It does not offer malware protection, security alerts and notification, blacklist removal, and security scans.

  1. Wordfence

Next is Wordfence as popular security plugin with the rating 4.9 out of 5 downloaded by one million users. It covers IP blocking, login security, security scanning as well as WordPress monitoring and firewall. This plugin works to check if your site is infected. Wordfence does a server scan deeply on source code of your site. Then, it is compared to official repository of WordPress for core, plugins, and themes. This is a great plugin for both professional and beginner user.

  1. All In One WP Security & Firewall

Another security plugin to use is All in One WP Security & Firewall which provides maximum security to always protect your site from hackers and intruders. It also provides recent recommended operational features and security techniques of WordPress. Designed by the experts, this plugin offers easy access as well as user consideration to allow easy use. One of its best functions is the feature of a meter available on dashboard which can show how secure your site is through the score it gives on that meter.

  1. BulletProof Security

The last security plugin reviewed in this section is BulletProof that helps securing your website by providing security solution in single click. It will protect your site against XSS, RFI, SQL, CRLF injection, and also code injections hacking. Some of the incredible features it has are easy click setup, a record contains of the login attempts, file quarantining and monitoring for the uploaded files, email alerts, and suspicious activity alerts. Besides, this plugin also offers the pro version with advanced features that improves your website security.

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