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What is Bot Framework?

Maybe some of you are still not familiar with Bot Framework. What is it? It is a program that provides what you need to connect and build smart bots that naturally communicate wherever your partners interact to you from text, slack, Skype, and other services. Simply, Bot Framework is a framework that authorizes organization or institution to develop intelligent agents. The system is like a person who can answer any questions from your users or give solution for the users’ problems. Whatever your app or site is, by using Bot Framework; everything will be easier for you and users. There are some points to explain how this framework works. Keep reading to know this information.

How Bot Framework Works?

When the question about what actually a Bot Framework has been answered, there might be another question about how it works. Here, we can simplify the description about how this program works in some points.

  1. Becoming Part of Your Digital Communication

Bot Framework allows users to make communication with intelligent way as if they are communicate with other people and the interaction comes in some forms such as text, slack, Skype, and office 365mail. This framework also provides users with an SKD and developer portal to build and develop Bots. It also comes with a Bot Connector service and Bot Directory. Bot Connector services is used to connect to any social media and channel while Bot Directory is used for discovering or using existing bots.

  1. Facilitating Users to Interact with App

Bot Framework is very important to facilitate users at interacting with a website, service, or application. The bots are developed with basic I/O. It means they must have dialog and language skills in order to connect to users and facilitate their communications with partners.

  1. Providing Tools to Solve Your Problems

Bot Framework provides users tools to solve their problem easily and more effectively, especially for developers. For example web chat monitoring, automatic translation to tens languages, state management conversation, and everything can be discovered and tried by users. This framework has many components including Bot Directory and Bot Connector.

  1. Talk in Many Places

The bots should talk in many places wherever your users are. This framework works across multiple channels and integrated to increase interaction and attract more customers using your site or app for business purpose.

In conclusion, Bot Framework is a system or program that simplifies all your problems and business. For example, the user says “I want to book 2 rooms in 5 stars hotel in New York”. Then, the bot will respond back with some sentences like someone replying you on chat like: “May I know how long you want to stay? What day would you check in?” Since the bots are developed multi-language, it is very flexible and easy to use everywhere; no matter where the users come from and what language they use. Providing service or consultant to your customers or users is no longer complicated by using Bot Framework.

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