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Introducing Project “Honolulu”, Our New Windows Server Management Experience

If you are those whose job includes anything that pertains to the application or technology related graphical design, the Project Honolulu might have been quite familiar to all of you. But for those who are not, then such term might be as alien as any other technology related terms. For your information, this project has since long been anticipated as one of the best innovation and breakthrough in the matter of application server and all technology related things. If you are one of those awaiting this project, then you would bet your dime on this one to be used for your need.

As stated before, Microsoft has launched this anticipated and awaited technology related products in the form of this package of services called Project Honolulu. In reality, it is actually a browser based management and organization that comes with flexibility and local deployment rarely found in other browser management and anything related to it. It was created as the real action for customers’ feedback on browser management that came before this one. That said, you would have guessed that anything it has to offer will be beneficial for you, especially those whose job focuses on everything related to the browser and website. For better information, check the information below.

The List of All Features from Project Honolulu

  1. Simplified and modernized graphical setting

As it was created in order to cater the needs of the customers in the matter of better browser management in the first place, Project Honolulu has already come with much more simplified and modernized setting. Compared to the previous series of graphical setting, they did only have less integrated and standard setting that does not seem to suit several browser and application. In order to make improvement, this project is designed to improve the previous graphical settings with the new and modern one.

  1. Better GUI tools

The second thing the new Project Honolulu does come in its own package is the better GUI tools compared to ones before. Since long, Windows have always relied on the GUI tools in order to make better performance on the website and application since only a few other applications can do similar things as this. However, with such a better GUI tools it has within its own package, you will still have such a good performance on the website and application compared to other GUI tools in other graphical setting and all.

  1. Easy management

This graphical setting would have never had any reputation as the best and most anticipated graphical setting in the first place if it does not bring out the previous features and improve them with better performance. That is what you would find in this graphical setting. Compared to the previous series of graphical setting, it has been designed with better and much easier management on the configuration and anything related to it. In case of previous series, people did have much difficulty configuring the setting, but you would never find such thing in this setting.

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