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Kentico CMS for Your E-Commerce Site

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is software for creating and managing a website. Kentico CMS is a content management system that established by Kentico that is mainly used for building websites. Kentico is committed to create extraordinary websites by providing a thorough solution for your sites. Moreover, Kentico CMS has been used in approximately 74 countries and 2000 websites. In this moment, let’s see what this CMS can do to bring your e-commerce site to the next level.

The Great Companion for E-Commerce Sites

Kentico CMS is very beneficial for those who are looking a perfect tool to enhance an e-commerce site. It is equipped with various features that will help you building your own online shop. Here, you will find 4 out of 21 features that would be useful in creating a website.

  1. Google Analytics

    First, you will find Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking feature in this CMS. With Google Analytics, you will be able to track your website’s visitor behavior. You can find out the device that your customers use for accessing your online shop, or where your customers come from, and the way they purchase your products. By using Kentico CMS, you can access Google Analytics in a smoother way. Later on, the insights you get from this analytics can be utilized to optimize your e-commerce site.

  2. Categorization feature

    Second, the product categorizing process can be done easily using Categorization feature. This CMS enables you to put the products under certain categories. Categorization feature will also help you in organizing the portfolio of product management. Moreover, the numbers of categories and folders are adjusted based on your store’s need. As the result, your store looks accessible for customers.

  3. Make your own promotion

    Appeal your customers by giving discounts and coupon codes to them. Kentico CMS allows you to set your own promotion, such as Halloween special discounts or free delivery service after spending $1,500. Besides discounts, you can apply coupon codes to your customers on special days, for example in Christmas or Valentine day. This kind of promotion will attract more customers to purchase your goods. Of course, it will increase your store’s traffic as well.

  4. Product Variants feature

    It enables you to define the product variants based on what the customers really need, such as size, colors, and flavors. The product variants can also help you in managing your products’ portfolio.

Now, you have acknowledged with features that contained in Kentico CMS. As we have known, Kentico CMS has been used by 2000 websites in 74 countries. It means that Kentico CMS is trustworthy software for building an e-commerce site. This CMS is equipped with numerous of beneficial features, like product portfolio management, Google Analytics tool, and discounts feature to attract more customers to visit your online store and purchase your products.

By using this CMS, you will have your shop enhanced and well-managed. Moreover, your customers will get a more enhanced experience in purchasing the products. Go choose Kentico CMS as your shop’s companion!

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