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IIS 8 as Your Web Server Utilization

What do you know about IIS? If you are working with internet, it is essential to know about IIS including what it does to internet and how it works. Generally, IIS (Internet Information Services) refers to a web server which runs on Ms. NET platform on Windows. You can actually run IIS on Mac or Linux, however it will be unstable and it is not recommended, though. When running on Windows. IIS is considered versatile and stable web server. This is why IIS has been widely used for years. Take a close look at IIS below.

How IIS Works and Its Features

To know how IIS works cannot be separated from understanding what web server is. What is web server? It is a process to host web applications. The server allows an app to process messages which arrive through TCP ports. Typically, you do not need to specify the port number when visiting a website through browser. You will be sent to the default.

Web server works with two main models, either handle requests on single thread or spawn a new thread for every request. The second model is typically used by IIS and it will catch a thread from thread pool for every request. No matter models it uses, typically web server handles request using request response pattern. The clients send request then receive response. HTTP protocol commonly the choice to communicate between web server and client over the internet.

After knowing more about web server and how IIS works, it is time to take a closer look at the features. IIS is typically rich with features. Here are some features of IIS that you should know:

  1. NET Host

IIS is commonly used to host ASP.NET web apps and static web. Sometimes, IIS is also used as host WCF services, FTP server and PHP. When using IIS, you should know built-in authentication such as Windows auth, Basic, and ASP.NET.

  1. Security Feature

The other built-in feature related to security includes TLS certificate management and binding. It enables SFTP and HTTPS on your websites, authorization rules, request filtering, request logging, and many others. Furthermore, IIS also has key feature which is the application pool. It is essential to know more about application pool since it is considered critical component. An application pool usually has zero up to many worker processes which are running at given time. The processes run application’s instances.

  1. Remote Management

Another feature offered by IIS is remote management which is considered invaluable feature. You are allowed to script everything. If you like to enjoy doing so, it can be a great thing to have IIS.

By knowing the features, you can get the best out of it. In addition to IIS features, it can also be extended to serve some purposes aside from hosting ASP.NET applications. Through this extension, IIS can be a highly versatile web server for Windows. Before enjoying the features and facilities provided by IIS, you would better learn how to install on your Windows.

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