.NET Framework 4.7.2

If you plan to create software with Windows-based operating system, certainly you need to use the .NET framework. This framework is very useful as software development tool because it has so many great features, including the one that makes it easier to install a program without slowing down the other apps installed previously. One of the newest versions of .NET framework is the 4.7.2 version. Compared to its predecessor, this version has quite a lot of new features to enhance its performance. Well, below is the detailed information about that particular matter.


Knowing the New Features in .NET Framework 4.7.2

For your information, there are a lot of new features embodied in the .NET Framework version 4.7.2. Compared to the previous version (4.7.1), some noticeable changes and new features make this one more reliable and useful to create, develop, and install new software and application. Some of the best new features in.NET Framework 4.7.2 is listed below.

  1. SameSite Property

The newest version of .NET Framework is now completed by SameSite property. The function of this property is to reduce the possibility of data and information leakage. Besides, SameSite is also useful to prevent cookies from being sent along with cross-site requests. With this new added feature, .NET Framework is even safer from forgery attempts.

  1. Azure Active Directory

This 4.7.2 version has new support for Azure Active Directory. This feature allows better authentication for the website. By using this, there will be interactive authentication feature for your app. Multiple keywords will be used to enhance the security as well as the compliance of your app. This is why .NET Framework, especially the newest version, promises the increased security for the users.

  1. WorkflowDesignerColors

In order to enhance and improve UI of the software or website, the latest version of .NET Framework uses the help of WorkflowDesignerColors. This feature allows the developers of app to improve the UI to the high-contrast mode, thus making the app or software more well-designed and enjoyable to be used. With better UI, your app is going to be easier to use, even by new users. You can provide them great app that surely fits their need.

  1. Zlib Decompression

Sometimes, it is quite hard to incorporate the feature to decompress Zip archives. By using the latest version of .NET Framework, you do not have to worry about this at all. This latest version features Zlib to decompress zip files even easier. In addition, it makes the decoding process smoother, allowing you to create the app or software in shorter period of time.

Now, it is clear that .NET Framework 4.7.2 is one of the best versions of the software available today. By using this software, you can establish reliable software and apps with so many great features in it. This is why to this day .NET Framework is still preferred by numerous software and app developers. They do realize that the software development tool is indeed one of the best ones of its kind.

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